Merry Christmas From Bank Of America; It's A Wonderful Life! “Bye Felicia”

Merry Christmas From Bank Of America; It's A Wonderful Life!
Bye Felicia”

After a plaintive cry to Cease & Desist to those empowered by incompetence and fueled by greed, the signature calling card of “The Banksters Of UnAmerica”; After notifying every supervisor or entity supposedly representing their interests; After reaching out to the media, they reacted with bored disinterest upon being informed she was just another Bank Of America victim “Let us know when they evict you, your children and your animals and then maybe we can tell your story!”; The response she got from network news was “Aw, the housing situation and mass foreclosures, what's newsworthy about that? That story is too big to tackle. Everybody knows what's happening!”; Her calls left un-returned; Her emails to banking presidents and calls to corporate headquarters not acknowledged; Her SOS as ineffective as Robert Redford’s repeated efforts at getting the attention of passing ships as his own ship was sinking in “All Is Lost.” She was indeed, just another victim of the banking institutions and in particular “The Banksters Of UnAmerica!”

The thing that makes this story different is Felicia herself.

In a Nation of immigrants there are few, if any, who have such an eclectic mix of what it means to be an immigrant or descended from immigrants while at the same time embody what it means to be an American, as well as a Native American. All of which combine together to make her a target of discrimination by whatever narrow minded group embraces stereotypes.
Part Native American, part Gypsy and a descendant of the Texas Outlaw Sam Bass (too bad he's not around today, he'd know how to handle these modern day robber-barons), Felicia is a direct descendant of a Cherokee Chief and having inherited Black DNA from relatives who migrated here from France, Felicia doesn’t have a coat of many colors, she IS a coat of many colors. All of which gives her a unique point of view on the problems of the world.

A former circus performer, Felicia has been featured in a number of entertainment venues from circuses to rodeos. An aerial prodigy of some daring and a featured trick rider with the Loretta Lynn Rodeo as well as being being one of the youngest performing members of The Circus Hall Of Fame. She eventually hosted her own television series in New York City called “Of Bread And Circuses.” In an effort to spread her wings beyond the Big Tent, Felicia transitioned into the area of TV Host and Investigative Reporting on a Newstalk Show with former football great Charlie Britt. She went from there to signing on with network news and at one point went undercover on a mission to gather information on missing POWs left behind in the jungles of Vietnam. Her ability to penetrate the inner-sanctum of the hierarchy of the enemy that imprisoned American Soldiers, especially one key figure who controlled the lives of those prisoners, led to the discovery of one of the most credible witnesses to have come out of the Vietnam War.

All of this makes for an exciting WHO DUNNIT story of considerable intrigue, but perhaps it was the poignancy and angst of the war stories that caused a paradigm shift in the focus of Felicia's life after spy games. Perhaps she couldn’t change the fortunes of war, but what she felt she could change was the lives of children trapped in the cycle of poverty and abuse. Children that were among some of the most At-Risk-Youth within the Department of Children & Families and the Department of Juvenile Justice. Children whose behavior was so erratic and sometimes dangerous they were being managed by psychotropic drugs.

So now, we transition to Felicia's life as “Foster Mother of The Year” and the flagship program called Human Animal Life Foundation's Miracle Ranch for Children and Animals. Founded by Felicia and her longtime partner, Peter Schroeder, an artist and entrepreneur who has given his time and talents to help bring the Miracle Ranch Programs to fruition. Together their mission is to initiate change in the lives of a lost generation of children who, like Pavlov’s Dogs, had no quality of life or freedom of choice. These children were automatons under the control of the State who didn’t know what else to do with them. Children so undone by fractured lives, some of whom were not even in control of their own bodily functions despite having very high IQ's.

Together Felicia and Peter pioneered an animal intervention program by partnering children, who needed rescuing, with animals who were equally in need of a true rescue facility.

In so doing they have been able to embrace a healthier approach to creating change in the lives of an otherwise lost generation of children who given a real chance reveal an amazing array of talents and abilities themselves. An endeavor that involved more than six years of 18 hour days and caring for the needs of the ranch on which this flagship program was based. During this time Felicia scrupulously followed Bank Of America guidelines for building credit, had an SBA loan to be underwritten and even secured a Guide Star Gold Participation level for the non-profit. But this program was an animal intervention program with an added dimension as influenced by a person who since early childhood has had an uncanny relationship with animals who do far more for her than mere tricks; they participate with her in ways that are mind boggling.

Witnesses have observed some animals actually participating with Felicia to help when another particularly uncooperative animal refuses medical treatment or the services of a farrier. As a result, Felicia's animal intervention program has another dimension to its process. Observers have witnessed one camel who was so enamored by Felicia he thought of her as “his” human and became so possessive he resented her attention to any other camel than himself. But he was never dangerous in his attachment and also did his best to calm the rest of the herd of camels so as to pose no threat to her. In short, Felicia has an uncanny ability to communicate with the animals and she uses those same behavioral science techniques to read between the lines of children at risk, which in large part is what made The Miracle Ranch program truly a miracle.

Then one fine day, like the serpent in The Garden of Eden, Bank of America or should I say the “Banksters Of UnAmerica” raised their ugly head to seek, kill and destroy, overriding every civil right Felicia had to due process as they moved forward to commence a series of SHILL AUCTIONS of the ranch conducted in part through the real estate office of one of their representatives. They did all this so they could sell the property out from under Felicia, the children and the animals for nearly $150,000 LESS than she was prepared and offered to pay with her SBA loan of $350,000.

But rather than accept Felicia's purchase offer, the “Banksters Of UnAmerica”, and their long line of representatives, put The Miracle Ranch on the SHILL AUCTION block. The ranch was invaded by an army of glassy-eyed would be investors jumping over the fences and through locked gates trying to get a look-see at the house and property.

When Felicia tried to report all this to Bank Of America, and their long line of representatives including Nationstar, Solutionstar and Homesearch, pleading with them to stop the auction process, they refused. Even after repeatedly telling them she had the money to buy for more than the listing price, to just give her a chance to buy because they were destroying a highly successful Florida program for At-Risk-Youth and a true animal rescue facility that depends on donations, they still refused. Felicia was told “The process will not stop and if you don’t cooperate with this process things will go very badly for you!” And so they did. Things went very badly.

The Miracle Ranch had NO choice under the circumstances but to discontinue the ranch programs and Felicia had no real explanation for the children, because how could she explain to them what she couldn’t even explain to herself? Since then, like the unfortunate refugees of unnecessary criminal conflicts worldwide, they've become displaced, disoriented and depressed. Because make NO mistake about it, the wonton and cruel destruction of The Miracle Ranch by whomever lent a hand in its destruction, by whatever means, is nothing less than a crime against humanity. Since then, both children and animals have suffered the consequences thereof by its tsunami like effects which inevitably caused this life affirming flagship program to go underwater. And because of that, THIS Felicia has determined her story will not be buried under the body count of other victims of the banking debacle, even if she has to return to her former journalistic career as an investigation reporter and find the smoking gun herself that allows this kind of hostile takeover and invasion to continue. And she will do it not just for herself but for the thousands of other “Bye Felicia's” who've been so unnecessarily and cruelly decimated and dismissed by the very “Banksters of UnAmerica” the American people just bailed out!

WE THE PEOPLE must not stand by any longer as these same Banksters, that are once again showing record profits, are foreclosing on property and evicting people across the country, especially without due process. Yes,THEY WENT TOO FAR AGAIN when they issued a notice to vacate to the home of The Miracle Ranch for Children and Animals that expires ON Christmas Day. And they did it buy offering the ranch for sale in a phony SHILL AUCTION for nearly a third of what Felicia was willing to pay. So there it is: Merry Christmas From Bank Of America; It's A Wonderful Life!

How is it all possible? A once thriving middle class is now living in tent cities, cardboard boxes, shanty towns, substandard shelters and in many cases shuffled off to America’s industrial prison complex where being poor and vulnerable is tantamount to being guilty. But then it's always been dangerous to be poor in America where money equates with morality. Meanwhile, the Banksters that American tax payers bailed out are still giving themselves multi-million dollar bonuses for their sleight of hand SHELL GAMES and SHILL AUCTIONS, and uncanny ability to pull the wool over the eyes of American people while picking their pockets simultaneously.

In the meantime, those in cahoots with this “Banksters Of UnAmerica” scheme are doing everything they can to make Felicia look as bad as they possibly can, because, you see, the UnAmericans will “first louse-you-up, then call-you-lousy!” But, what these UnAmericans didn’t consider, is Felicia's history of standing tall in the saddle and they didn’t consider this is one “Bye Felicia” that won't be so easily dismissed or dissed! You see, THIS Felicia has her own particular take on what is going on with the banking institutions. She asks “Are they Enemies Of The State conducting a coup d'├ętat of America, American Dreams and our Democratic Republic making WE The People a subservient class of underlings as in a feudal state with NO hope of rising above the rank they have set for us”

Whether you agree or not it's an interesting theory; Post Modern America as a feudal state with a former middle class unable to rise above the rank the Overlords have set for us.

In the advent of The American Revolution the call to arms was “The British are coming, the British are coming.” In today’s world of warring factions, WE, the UNDERDOGS might as well say, “The Banksters are coming, the Banksters are coming” and if WE The People don’t mount a defense against overwhelming odds, we might as well TEAR UP OUR CONSTITUTION, because in light of the disparity between The Banks and The American People who just BAILED them out, it seems worthless. If we continue to allow the banks to operate in this manner then WE loose any Inalienable Rights to Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness and our Forefathers might as well have played dead instead of mounting The American Revolution which is what the banks are hoping We The People will do, Play Dead!

So, you can either ROLL OVER AND PLAY DEAD or you can RISE UP WITH MEDEA to say HELL NO! Because whatever your beef is with “The Powers That Be”, HELL NO is the only appropriate response! And that is what American Exceptional-ism is all about.

Those who follow the worldwide extent of Bernie Madolf's Ponzi Scheme and money laundering network that incorporates criminals of all stripes and political chicanery at every level and tax evasion of monumental proportions in which so many had their fingers in the pie, that no single individual could possibly penetrate its evil machinations and horrendous hierarchy. We war not against flesh and blood but spiritual wickedness in high places. All that not withstanding, “business as usual” is no longer applicable. We draw a line in the sand when they reach our front door. We, The Body Politic of “Citizen Screwed” will not accept another Wall-Street-Funk-You-Up! And this Christian Hippy whose backed off Lions, Tigers and Bears is not about to let the banking giants cross that line and neither should you. If you don’t believe her, just watch!

Where is your line in the sand? Is it the fracking industry? Is it mountain top removal? Is it global warming? Is it Duke Energy? Is it BP's never ending oil spills? Is it sacred Native American Lands being sold off to fund a foreign owned copper mine? Is it the Keystone Pipeline? Is it Immigration reform? Is it racial profiling? Is it another bridge to nowhere? Is it the CIA's tax funded rectal hydration? Whatever it is, let the Beelzebub Bastards hear you loud and clear, from coast to coast and from sea to shinning sea! SAY HELL NO!!!

The above characterization of an embattled “Bye Felicia” offered by Patrick Henry's Millennial Pen!

What this Bye Felicia wants is an army of online protestors to RIDE WITH HER and crucial supplemental monetary support for her 501(c)(3) The Human Animal Life Foundation's Miracle Ranch Program that continues to care for children and animals as she prepares to launch her strike against the enemy! An enemy who even as we speak continues to seek, kill and destroy all in its path! While we watch graphic images of the conflicts in Syria and elsewhere and the millions of refugees forced to live out their lives in permanent exile because they can't go home again, the Banksters and Domestic Terrorists at home are creating a nation of refugees out of American Citizens who, because their hostile takeovers and abuse of powers, also can't go home again!

Support THIS Bye Felicia. SIGN. FUND. WIN.